Jeffers Fine Art...

           fine art of beauty, distinction, and enduring value 


Most artists begin telling about themselves with stories about how they liked to draw when they were a toddler, or about the art classes they took, or the museums they visited when they were a child.  Not me.  I never showed any interest in art beyond coloring books, never went to art museums, never took art lessons or art in school.  Nothing--until I was 40 years old.


In 1990, in a chance encounter, I discovered contemporary wicker basketry, and my life changed almost overnight. I spent the next 21 years creating colorful, flowing baskets and fiber sculptures.

Along the way, I also began to paint to learn more

about color and design that I could apply to my weaving.  When it was time to put weaving aside, I spent several years finding my authentic artistic self in painting, as I had in basketry.

My woven artwork explored color, shape and line as well as rhythm, balance and flow.  My paintings continue that journey with a visual vocabulary that comes directly from my weaving.